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A podcast about business, tech, movies, family, fun, space and other such cool stuff. Join us, Drew Wilson and Keiran Flanigan, as we share our experiences on being people that live on earth. We also chat with rad people on each show.

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    033: Freelance to Product

    Drew & Keiran are joined by Damian Makki talking about app development, frameworks and taking a business from freelance work to product development.

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    032: The Hat Episode

    Drew & Keiran are back for Episode 32, talking hats, golf hats and the Nintendo Switch. If the first few minutes is anything to go by, this could be promising.

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    031: Basketball with Skateboards

    Drew & Keiran are joined by Gabe Willis of STRGHT talking basketball, NBA, skateboards and running a small business.

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    030: Lab Grown Meat

    Drew & Keiran are joined by Ashok Kamal who interviews them about what is means to be a Narwhal, whilst discussing recycling, health, poaching and the future of lab grown meat.

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    029: Buying Your Job

    Drew & Keiran are back again with episode 29, this week joined by Matt Goldman - CEO of Churn Buster talking about taking over a pre-existing product, family life whilst working and the transformation of San Diego.

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    028: Surfing and Donuts

    Drew & Keiran are joined by Charlie Waite design experience director at GoPro, formerly Focus Lab talking about groceries, surfing and his work with GoPro designing software inside a hardware company.

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    027: Travel Is The Future

    Drew & Keiran are joined by Dan Martell a serial technology entrepreneur talking about freelancing, starting a company and balancing family life whilst traveling.

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    026: San Diego Pioneering

    Drew & Keiran are joined by Brittany Meiling a startup reporter at the San Diego Business Journal talking about law, journalism and eternal life.

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    025: All The Widgets

    Drew & Keiran are back again joined by Nathan Firth of New Rocket talking widgets, xhtml, illegal brewing and activities to replace sleep.

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