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A podcast about business, tech, movies, family, fun, space and other such cool stuff. Join us, Drew Wilson and Keiran Flanigan, as we share our experiences on being people that live on earth. We also chat with rad people on each show.

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    025: All The Widgets

    Drew & Keiran are back again joined by Nathan Firth of New Rocket talking widgets, xhtml, illegal brewing and activities to replace sleep.

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    023: Vision & Film

    Drew & Keiran are joined by Garrett Marks - filmmaker, talking movies, film production, work/life balance and staying true to vision.

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    022: San Diego Tech Scene

    Drew & Keiran are joined by Brandon Christopher talking startups, meet ups and cultivating a tech scene.

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    021: My API's Gonna Crush Yours

    Drew & Keiran are joined by multidisciplinary designer Jed Bridges talking remote working, family life and foot golf.

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    019: Back In The Saddle

    After 8 months off the air, Drew and Keiran are back talking about all the latest.

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    018: Who AppleWatches the Watchmen?

    Back due to popular demand, Drew sings the praises of the Southern US while Keiran quietly hums the praises of the AppleWatch.

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    017: Life with a Capital L

    Drew and Keiran marvel in the toddler-wooing abilities of Bob Marley, discuss Drew's filmic aspirations, and disagree about eternal life.

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    016: Nintendo Hard

    Drew and Keiran call out Google, Nintendo, NBC, TLC, Texas, the Civil War, and anyone else who gets in their way apparently.

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